•  This path collects the twelve visual representations of Harry's journey, as rendered by Psychic Impressionist Neal Von Flue.
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1The Ribbon Man »
He wears a rainbow assortment of ribbons pinned in a regimented grid to his naked flesh. The prick of all those pins mottles his skin, an ordered sequence of bruises and blemishes beneath the haphazard pattern of his silk patchwork . . . [art]
2Physician »
There are triangles tattooed beneath his eyes, downward facing shapes that point like runway lights toward the tweaked edge of his lip. His teeth are triangular as well, covered in silver . . . [art]
3Offering »
The rooster shrieks at me, a surprisingly human sound, and tries to claw my hands as I hold it down . . . [art]
4Rupture »
The mirror page tears, a dimensional rupture that sends pressure waves through the library. The book falls from her lap, contorting and flexing as it bounces off the edge of the coffee table . . . [art]
5Birds of the Old World »
Clasping her bloody package to her chest—the wet fabric of her robe sticks to her skin—she drifts from the scene, vanishing into immaterial darkness . . . [art]
6Kings and Queens »
Such a rush to bloody her. Was I? What made me change my mind, and hold back? What made me so passive? So afraid? . . . [art]
7Familial Ghosts »
An older man, his face a brittle mask of ice, comes up beside me. I look at him, and see right through him . . . [art]
8Fear of Drowning »
His headless skeleton presses against me, bent ribs digging into my back. His pelvic bone bangs against my hip, and his cracked toes scratch at my ankle and calf . . . [art]
9Hanged Man »
The scarecrow holds the key in its red right hand; its left fist is closed tight. The key, even with all the warning signs placed along my path, still tantalizes me . . . [art]
10Red Wood »
He stabs the pointed tongue of the key into the heart of the nearest trunk. The tree whips back from him . . . [art]
11A Bear In The House of Cards »
"Not a very useful bear, are you?" . . . [art]
12The 23rd Expression »
On another layer, I can feel myself coming apart, blooming into a flower that has never been seen before, petals and lines exploding from my wrists and neck . . . [art]

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