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SUB: Charting the Mosaic


We've made several efforts to chart the shape of the Potemkin Mosaic, with a modicum of success. My previous recommendation of limited exposure still stands, and I cannot state this strongly enough, but NO ONE should attempt to discern the nature of this oneiric artifact in one session. It is not as static as its internet-based hypertext structure suggests. It will . . . well, you have some experience with its effect upon the reader.

I hope these suggestions will provide some value to you and your agents as you attempt to decode the Mosaic. Good luck.

p.d., M.D., Ph.D.


The index attempts to capture every node element of the Mosaic in a simplified list format. There are several sub-categories which have proved too elusive to list here, but they are tied rather concretely to their top-level entries are easy to trace (the 'mailing list' entries and the art, for example). We believe there are several nodes which are not on this list. They may be critical, but until we have managed to discern their shape, we can only speculate as to their nature. We hope to insert them into the framework of the index, but I do not have too much hope for success.


My understanding of the original genesis of the Potemkin Mosaic was that it was structured as a twelve-part dream narrative, and that scope still exists. We have fabricated a floating anchor on every node that will allow you to shift between "dreams," but you should be cognizant that they are now referred to as "paths" in this structure. My apologies that we couldn't retain the original structure as that may have been useful to discern the purpose behind the narrative, but the oneiric nature of the Mosaic results in an endless fluidity.


However, this fluidity may have worked in our favor. In addition to the dream narratives, there a number of other "pathways" that have emerged from the Mosaic. We have pinned a navigational tool on the left edge of the fabric that will allow you move forward and backward along an individual path. Note that some nodes belong to more than one pathway, and our tool will track which path you are currently exploring should you activate it.

We have managed to illuminate a section of the Mosaic that is a list of all the pathways, and access to that list is part of the floating anchor. From the pathway list, you may enter any of the pathways, and we believe that the un-indexed nodes may be located via this interface.

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