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1White .|. Red »
The First Dream, wherein Harry rides a train and meets the Ribbon Man.
2Straight .|. Curved »
The Second Dream, wherein Harry visits the Clinic and meets the Physician.
3Key .|. Lock »
The Third Dream, wherein Harry visits the Dreaming City and makes a phone call.
4Anarchy .|. Rationalism »
The Fourth Dream, wherein Harry meets a woman in the library.
5Rod .|. Cup »
The Fifth Dream, wherein Harry's body is discarded for a better version.
6Fortune .|. Fate »
The Sixth Dream, wherein Harry plays a game of chess.
7Breath .|. Dust »
The Seventh Dream, wherein Harry attends the Funeral of the White Queen.
8Mahapralaya .|. Om »
The Eighth Dream, wherein Harry falls into the Deepdark.
9Dream .|. Death »
The Ninth Dream, wherein Harry rises after the fall.
10Light .|. Shadow »
The Tenth Dream, wherein Harry peels back the dream and visits the subtext.
11Mask .|. Reflection »
The Eleventh Dream, wherein Harry reaches the House Indivisible.
12King .|. Queen »
The Twelfth Dream, wherein Harry completes the cycle of passage.
13Fear .|. Forgiveness »
The Thirteenth Dream, from which Harry has not yet woken.
14Mailing List »
Message threads from the alt . oneirology . entheogens mailing list.
15Dream Journal »
For historical purposes, these twelve entry points are labeled as the "dream narrative," though they are now more accurately labeled with their corresponding aspect within the Duality Matrix.
16Blackleaf Journal »
This path contains excerpts from Dr. Ehirllimbal's private journal, detailing his quest for Blackleaf 23, and other related documents.
17Art Gallery »
This path collects the twelve visual representations of Harry's journey, as rendered by Psychic Impressionist Neal Von Flue.
18Nora »
This path collects the conversations with Nora.
19Cartomancy »
This path collects the discussions pertaining to bending the future with the tarot.
20Safiq Al-Kahir »
This path collects the errant pieces of text attributed to Persian mystic, Safiq Al-Kahir.
21Rose Bay »
This path traces the events that took place at the Rose Bay Psychiatric Hospital.
22Alchemy »
This path follows the alchemical thread that wanders through Harry's imagination.
23Oneiroi »
This path follows the history of the Oneiroi.
24Mythology »
This path collects the mythological source material that may elucidate the nature of Harry's existential crisis.
25Kings & Queens »
This path traces the story of the Last King and what he found in the ruin of his kingdom.
26ML :: Blackleaf23 »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the nature of Blackleaf 23.
27ML :: Spam »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the profusion of spam agents on the mailing list.
28ML :: Pliable »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the unexpected side-effects of the chemicals.
29ML :: Silence »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the possible spread of a new psychopharmeceutical agent.
30ML :: Last Call »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the death of conversation.
31ML :: Poison »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the chemical and neurological ingredients in vitamin supplements.
32ML :: Persistence »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the nature of memory and identity.
33ML :: Purify »
An alt.o.e thread discussing the search for a missing oneironaut.
34ML :: Summons »
The last alt.o.e thread.

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