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FROM: psychonaut23@...
TO: alt.oneirology.entheogens
SUB: Preserving your black stuff

Most of you are independent rebels and are going to make up your own minds about things—or, at least, you should be—so I won't go into a lengthy neurological discussion. You all know that the substantia nigra—the "black substance"—is filled with dopamine neurons, and it is these little fellows who are the reward system that powers our simple brains. Most of you—God, I hope so—know what chemicals preternaturally stimulate the production of dopamine, as well as which chemicals act as suppressants. Right? I'm preaching to the choir here, yes?

And it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to understand that controlling the dopamine flow is integral to controlling the brain. Control the brain, and you control the body; control the body and . . . well, the rest should be obvious. Those agents which stand in the way of controlling the body are the enemy—they are the Adversary.

Dichotomies. The world prefers black and white. It plays much easier in ten-second sound bytes on television. You are either with us or against us. Equivocators and wafflers are not allowed. They sow confusion. Therefore, you are either under "control" or not. And, if you are not, then you are . . . yes, the "enemy." If your goal is to control the body via control of the brain, then anything that could potentially arrest your control must be eliminated.

Yes, I am talking about the oneironautic community. We are the blight, the obstruction, the blockage. We are the Adversary, and as long as TH3y cannot control us, they cannot realize their goal. I'm not caught in some dopamine-induced psychosis here; I have been aware of their intent for a long time, and while the psychopharmacology couldn't support their desire, my subversion was tolerable. Just another aging hippy extolling the virtues of the sweet leaf: easy to dismiss, easy to relegate to the fringe. But now, TH3y realize the fringe has the power to stop them. TH3y are afraid of our ability to shift the Oneiroi, and they want us compliant.

They want to burnblack our substantia nigra, and once it has been stripped of its programming, they want to bend it to their will. They want to bend all of us. Bleak Zero is just the beginning. It's a child's drug—easy to administer, easy to be seduced by, easy to manufacture and distribute. What comes next will be more elusive, more sinister. It will be much harder to detect, much harder to guard against. It will wear the skin of your lover, and speak with the voice of your mother. It will tickle your dopamine receptors, and you will think God has just given you the best orgasm you've ever had. You'll want it again, and that's when you will give yourselves up to their false god.

Remember, anyone who claims to be God isn't, and anyone who says they can open the gates of paradise for you, can't.

That's why I can't give you Blackleaf 23. That's why you must find it yourself. You've got to find your own way—make your own path. When you are given a choice, you are going to have to make the decision for yourself. That is the key. That is the only key.

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