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FROM: psychonaut23@ . . .
TO: alt.oneirology.entheogens
SUB: Re: The search for Blackleaf 23

In response to splittongue@alumni . . .'s question about the possibility of a 23rd expression of Blackleaf, I should point out to her/him that distillation of the 21th expression is calculated to take nearly six years. Extrapolating forward, it would take approximately 216 years to harvest the 23rd expression. None of us have that kind of time and, unless we have access to the hidden laboratories of Comte St. Germain or one of his contemporaries, we're not going to see Blackleaf 23 in our lifetime.

A shame, I know. Theoretically, the 23rd expression is the geometric key to understanding Safiq Al-Kahir's Theory of Protolinguistic Identity. Try as we might to break the Thirteenth Threshold by meditative or cognitive means, I don't think it can be done without the influence of a higher generation Blackleaf. The ratio of dosage to purity becomes asymptotic after the 19 and, well, you've seen the math.

You've heard the rumors that the Ehirllimbal Brothers have managed to fabricate a fairly successful distillation process for Blackleaf 20 (successful being defined here as greater than a .08% expression, a phenomenal return if they have managed to build a manufacturing process). What you haven't heard is secondary result of this effort: they've come up with a process of precipitation and reverse heating that creates a fractional amount of 21 as a by-product. The return on the 21 is so minute that it is an unsustainable method, but it has been enough for them to gather several full doses.

Their initial assessment of the 21st expression is that it isn't completely a receptor. It can access non-localized biochemical data flights, but it still has very few control mechanisms. It can open doors, but you can't control whether it will open any given door. After all these years, we haven't improved on Huxley's vision.

A more robust dose of the 21st expression could be twice the limbic expansion as the 20th, which would mean psychotropic resonances well past the communicable limits of the 8-Curcuit Model. Blackleaf 21 may allow us to see the boundary of God, but it's not going to give us understanding of the Infinite. We just don't have the vocabulary yet to fully utilize the promise of Blackleaf 21. And the 23rd? Forget it. It's a nootropic that will completely reorganize our neural pathways before we have a chance to reassert the Cartesian Primacy. It will turn us into turtles or ducks or worse simply because, in the end, we are just monkeys with a bit of shifted DNA.

That doesn't mean, of course, that we shouldn't be working on ways to shorten the distillation time of Blackleaf 23. I just think it is good for us to keep some perspective. We're not ready to be giants. Not yet.

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