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FROM: Violet639@. . .
SUB: The Potemkin Mosaic

It's on the internet, has been for several months now. I'm not sure we could remove it entirely. There are too many shadows on too many nodes that we don't control. While its 3-D hypertext representation is but an echo of its oneiric fluidity, it does still have some potency. I have lost four of my children to it. Three of them speak in tongues now, and their eyes no longer track along the surface of words. We have inwardly bound these surivors (we lost the fourth entirely), and will continue to observe the effects of this memetic contagion; it is my opinion that it cannot transform them, even though its neural cross-linking is extensive. It is almost like a bloodhound that has a scent, but cannot truly finds its way. The Potemkin Mosaic will roam for some time within its infected hosts, but I believe it will eventually succumb to our agencies. Our All-Seeing Expression is All-Devouring, thanks to your benediction, All-Father.

Patient Zero still eludes us. The BZ-22 dosing should have disabled his ability to remain influid, but we have, apparently, miscalculated rather severely as to his resistance to our neural programming. This is an anomaly, as we never witnessed any significant level of psycho-neurological resistance during the trials. We were, I must admit, unprepared for an individual to manifest such a dramatic immunity to our efforts. Statistically—though, such figures should be regarded with some suspicion in light of Patient Zero's immunity—it is possible that the neurological burn-in of BZ-22 is simply degraded and not completely arrested. It will devour him eventually; we just have to be patient. When it does, he will be revealed to us.

Though, my gravest concern is that he's actively fighting the Bleak Zero influence. Before we bound our wayward children, one of them appeared to have been contacted by Potemkin. Every time this child closed his eyes, he would see a message floating in his vitreous humor. "I have gone so far into the wilderness even the birds cannot find me." Ultraviolet analysis revealed foreign material in this child's humor, but when the eye was removed, the patient expired and the matter lost its oneiric integrity. We are still awaiting spectrographic confirmation, but what flakes we could recover appear to be paper. Burned paper.

He's still out there, All-Father. If the Potemkin Mosaic is his encrypted message, then I fear he's building a psycho-cryptograhic key. He wants to unlock everyone.